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    A CallMe! IQ Special Report: The 2012 ATA (PACE) Convention & Expo

    The ATA (American Teleservices Association) held its annual Convention & Expo this month in Hollywood,…

  • Employee Lifecycle

    The Call Center Agent Employee Lifecycle

    Call center agents go through a lifecycle starting at the point they are hired for…

  • Larry King

    Call Center Insider: Interview with Tom Rocca, President of SupportSeven

    In a bit of a departure from past tradition, your correspondent wanted to include a…

  • Talent-Management-Strategy

    6 Keys to Effective Call Center Talent Management

    In a new article in the MIT Sloan Management Review, Gunter Stahl suggests that top…

  • The Right Stuff

    4 Steps to Better Call Center Recruiting Process

    In their new book, “Calculating Success: How the New Workplace Analytics Will Revitalize Your Organization“,…

  • Social Media and Customer Service

    Customer Service & Social Media: Interview with Frank Eliason

    Continuing our series of interviews with industry insiders, we are excited to share this interview…

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    Call Center Turnover Problem? Check Your “Span of Control”

    Many call centers struggle against high agent turnover, a problem that strains recruiters and threatens…

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    The True Cost of Attrition

    Call Center Attrition has long been recognized as a leading worry of call center management….

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Digital Recruiting: SEO for Job Listings

If you use job boards such as CareerBuilder or Monster or job aggregators such as…

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