9 Call Center Metrics That Can Lead to Operational Success


For Call Center managers, there can sometimes be too much data and information available, making it nearly impossible to find and track the key call center metrics. The ICMI recently put out an article entitled Seven Metrics to Watch for Call Center Success. The seven key metrics mentioned in that article are:

  1. First Call Resolution
  2. Service Level/Response Time
  3. Adherence to Schedule
  4. Forecasting Accuracy
  5. Self-Service Accessability
  6. Contact Quality
  7. Customer Satisfaction

Interesting, none of these “key metrics” track the absolutely critical elements that make up Call Center Human Capital Management or Strategy.  While understanding your call center’s operations via the mentioned metrics is important, we believe tracking 2 key Human Capital metrics will absolutely improve your overall call center performance. The 2 key Call Center Human Capital Metrics are:

  1. Agent Engagement - An engaged workforce is critical for successful call center operations. Engagement, defined as a “workforce that is willing and able to contribute to an organization’s success and that routinely delivers discretionary effort on the job” manifests itself in high quality work, employees giving the extra effort, and employees understanding and caring about how their work impacts the overall company. How engaged are your agents? Do you know how to effectively monitor and measure call center agent engagement?
  2. Attrition – Everyone knows the critical importance of managing attrition and the related costs, but do you know what causes your attrition? Do you know if your attrition is “good attrition” or “bad attrition”? We believe just about all call center ills can be directly attributed to high attrition rates – for instance, high attrition leads to a lack of tenured agents which leads to longer call handling times, lower first call resolution, and lower KPIs…

When monitoring your call center performance, the typical metrics must be closely managed, but don’t forget about the Human Capital metrics that truly drive your performance. Remember, Human Capital can be the key to your call center’s success or the albatross around your neck!

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