Study in 10 Findings: 2011 State of Call Center Human Capital


CallMe! and Emory University’s Goizueta Business Schoolconducted the inaugural State of Call Center Human Capital Survey to provide the industry’s leaders with the most up-to-date data on how to best leverage their most important asset…their people.  Spanning 92 companies and representing over 330,000 agents in the field, the Survey equips these leaders with actionable intelligence that can be used to strengthen key areas such as agent recruiting, performance and retention.


Study in 10 Findings

1.  Engaged employees perform 20% higher and are half as likely to leave. Call centers with high employee engagement have agents that perform 20 percentiles higher than their disengaged competitors.  These highly engaged call centers also enjoy turnover levels 48% lower than their less engaged peers.

2.  When hiring, don’t rush to judgment. Call centers that push their Time to Fill to the lowest levels suffer dire consequences in agent performance and retention.  Centers that average 10 days or less to hire a new position have agents that perform nearly 10 percentiles lower than their peers who spend more time finding the right fit.  Likewise, the probability of agent turnover in the first 90 days increases as Time to Fill falls below 30 days.  Call centers that average 10 days or less to hire a new position face 40% higher agent turnover.

3.  Find time for job-focused coaching each day. One of the most powerful drivers of agent performance is a supervisor’s ability to provide fair, accurate feedback that helps them improve in their job.  But how often supervisors provide this feedback makes a difference!  Agents perform 7 percentiles better when managers provide job-focused coaching every day, rather than on a weekly or monthly basis.

4.  Voice Screens and Work Simulations are the most effective screening methods to improve agent performance, reduce Time to Fill, and decrease Cost per Hire. Call centers that use voice screens and work simulations in their selection process have agents that perform significantly better than those that do not, improving agent performance by up to 12 percentiles. At the same time, these two screening methods reduce the time and costrequired to hire new agents by nearly 30%.

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The takeaways that appear above, as well as the detailed 20-page analysis for our respondents, are products of advanced statistical analysis combined with the insight that can only come from real-world experience managing thousands of call center professionals.  

More than data, CallMe!’s State of Call Center Human Capital Survey provides actionable steps to improve call center performance.  With participants representing 92 companies and over 330,000 agents, the Survey is well on its way to reaching its goal of becoming the industry’s most reliable and respected resource for call center leaders who wish to strengthen their human capital.

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