Matching Job Seekers to Openings Using Predictive Assessment Tools


As employers seek to hire candidates that better fit their jobs, they are turning to technologies such as enhanced screening and job matching services online. Here are 5 factors that will impact the success of job matching tools:

Quality over Quantity: Matching Job Seekers to Openings Using Predictive Assessment Tools:

Here are a few factors that I feel will impact the success of matches made using these sites:

  1. Quality of the assessment tool included- It goes without saying that the better constructed the tool and the more research behind its effectiveness, the better the matching will be.
  2. Thoroughness of the definition process used by the company side- One potential shortcoming of this method is that the company side profiles jobs based on the input of one or a few individuals.  If these individuals are off base with their data, the accuracy of the whole process is compromised.
  3. Niche focus on one job or industry- Focusing on a niche allows for a deeper level of knowledge about what it takes to perform a specific job well and what predicts specific traits that lead to success.
  4. Additional data collected- The quality, thoroughness and relevance of the non-assessment related data used as part of the matching process will also impact the accuracy of matches.
  5. Ability to demonstrate that those hired using their system are “quality hires”- The more evidence that shows that matching impacts outcomes, the more effective the system at achieving its goals.

(Via The Talent Economy)