Don’t Let Your Job Search Depress You

Four steps to ensure that you manage your job search and don’t let your job search manage you!

If you are looking for a job right now, it is certain to take longer than you would like. The culprit is not just the recession — job boards have made it easier to apply, so now it’s the norm that hundreds of resumes from across the world chase the same job. With that amount of activity, the job search has become more like a marathon than a sprint.

And because the job search takes longer with so many still out of work, inevitably more people are frustrated, even devastated, by it. Many employers use automated systems to cull the resumes down, which makes the process more impersonal and harder to penetrate.

So how do you keep your spirits up in such a tough environment? I asked this question of several people, including Lila, a Greek marketing professional job-hunting in Athens (which has got to be one of the toughest searches out there).

via Don’t Let Your Job Search Depress You – Priscilla Claman – Harvard Business Review.