Want to Better Understand Your Customers? Listen to Your Frontline Employees

From a customer service perspective, if you want to better understand your customers, turning to the forward facing member of your brand is critical. For many companies, the forward facing members of the brand providing direct customer service are in the call center. If your company wants to improve its customer service, spending time listening to your call center agents is a great place to start:

These frontline workers tend to sit at the lower end of the organizational totem pole, meaning their views are often overlooked. But if you take a moment to think about it, some of the best sources of observatory research can come from those at first point of customer contact or first point post customer contact: waiters and bus boys e.g. most frequently asked food items and most frequently unfinished food items; sales floor personnel and customer service reps e.g. where people first go to in the store and what frustrates the customer the most; receptionists and cleaning staff e.g. who is happy coming and leaving.

via Listen to Your Frontline Employees – Anthony Tjan – Harvard Business Review.