How Call Centers Help Companies Build Better Brands

Call Centers act as the forward facing representative of the company’s brand. Failing to recognize this puts the entire company’s brand at risk:

The more pressing challenge to tackle should be “Is our contact center helping to strengthen our brand or is it slowly and systematically debilitating it?” More than philosophical pondering and posturing, this question gets to the very crux of not only the contact center’s ability to sell, but also the company’s ability as a whole to do the same. Because no matter how dedicated or aggressive a contact center’s up-sell and cross-sell efforts may be, sales efforts enterprise-wide will fail if the brand is consistently compromised by what its contact center is doing—or not doing. And, since every touchpoint is a pure and direct customer-facing moment, the opportunity to fail or succeed is repeated with every connection that’s made.

via Article : How Contact Centers Build Better Brands.

  • bigphish_angler

    I agree. That’s precisely why most companies prefer to outsource jobs to countries with a strong brand support drive. They build a branch office in the Philippines or India because they know how to support the company’s growth.