Using Metrics To Motivate Call Center Agents

Can call center metrics help motivate agents? We have seen research that demonstrates that giving employees a sense of how their individual performance impacts overall business results is key. Further, focusing on outcome based metrics (such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, etc.) will avoid promoting the wrong types of behavior.

When agents become isolated, their performance suffers. A workday becomes an endless series of phone calls. There is no sense of progress other than the ticking of the clock, and the only goal is to get through the day. Morale drops. Service quality drops. Customers become unhappy. It’s a death spiral.

Live call center reports allow agents to see how the department is performing in real time. Phone calls are no longer isolated incidents, but rather pieces of an overall flow of call volume. The agent is not alone, but part of a team.

Employees can see how individual efforts affect hold times, queue lengths and other statistics. As the number of calls climb they can put in an extra effort, and as call volume falls agents can relax and take a breather.

via Using Metrics To Motivate Call Center Agents | Call Center Cafe.