CallMe! to Present at the Contact Center Association Online Summit

CallMe! was recently selected to present at the Contact Center Association Online Summit on July 24, 2012. The online summit will focus on the topic of “Call Center Agent Hiring, Development and Retention”,, with CallMe!’s presentation focusing on hiring the best agents for your particular center. The talk, entitled “The Right Stuff: What Hiring Pilots Can Teach Us About Hiring Call Center Agents”. See below for an executive summary:

While hiring call center agents is rarely we hope! a life and death endeavor, poor hiring decisions can lead to everything from missed revenue forecasts to serious brand damage. In order to minimize this risk, putting in place a plan to get more from your recruiting process is essential.

In this discussion, we will examine the recruiting process Delta Airlines put in place to hire pilots with the “right stuff” – that is, the ability to handle the rigors, stresses, and responsibilities of being a commercial pilot. Using a similar process, call center companies can significantly impact the results of their recruiting process including reductions in attrition, increased job performance, and reduced cost per hire.

We will look at the steps call center companies should take to create a recruiting process that produces consistently good results and go into detail on the proper human capital metrics to track in order to ensure success.

Ultimately, implementing a structured recruiting process and tracking the proper metrics will help your company hire agents with the “right stuff”.

What you will learn:

  1. How to define the behaviors and attitudes that makes a great agent – for your specific center.
  2. The best way to identify the underlying knowledge, skills and abilities that predict desired behaviors.
  3. How to determine the best ways to measure the underlying attributes.
  4. The best metrics to track to make sure the project is a success.

To register for the summit, please visit: