How to Recruit Using Twitter


Using Twitter to Recruit

Like other social media sites, Twitter has become an excellent candidate-finder for the modern recruiter. However, Twitter is useful to recruiters not because it can do the same things that sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can, but because it takes one of those things and focuses on it to the exclusion of the rest. Recruiters can use Twitter to send out messages to be read by a worldwide audience, something that is particularly useful to smaller businesses that would otherwise be unable to exert such reach.

Declaring Open Jobs on Twitter

The first and most obvious use of Twitter when it comes to recruitment is to send out announcements. Recruiters can tweet short messages about the existence of job opportunities at their businesses, what positions are open, and where interested people can go to apply. Smart recruiters will take the time to put hash tags such as #jobpost and #recruiting in their tweets so that their messages find the right audience and that their audience can find them. For best results, recruiters should look at the hash tags used by other recruiters to pick up the lingo for their specific recruiting needs. For example, the #salesjob hash tag is more informative and thus more effective than simply #jobpost because it tells readers that the recruiter is looking to hire a salesperson.

Hash tags are useful in communicating through Twitter because tweets are short by necessity – each tweet can be no longer than 140 characters, including hash tags. At first glance, this seems like a harsh and penalizing restriction because it limits how much recruiters can write, but this may not be the case. Short messages are more likely to be read because they take so little effort and because tweets are so short, readers are forced to head on over to the recruiter’s website for more information if they become interested. This gives the recruiter more time to deliver the business’s pitch through its website to potential candidates than if the candidates had simply read a slightly longer message on a different site and brushed it off.

Using Twitter to Attract Candidates and Build Your Brand

Other than making announcements, Twitter has two other uses – one being contributing towards the business’s image or brand and the other being scouting for information on potential candidates. The tweets that a recruiter or business send out can help set the image of the business, something that can make up the minds of potential candidates about whether they want to continue on to the recruiter’s website or not. Similarly, the Twitter habits of candidates such as the size of their networks and the quality of their tweets can be quite telling about their personalities and thus whether they are suitable for the job positions in question.


Twitter is a powerful but incomplete tool. Skilled recruiters can use Twitter to attract potential candidates, build an image that will make candidates want to work for them, and gauge the suitability of candidates using their tweets. But these same recruiters can only use Twitter to receive and pass on sparse information that is highly dependent on interpretation. As such, Twitter is best used as a wide-reaching, zero-cost method to bring in potential candidates to meet the recruiter or look at other resources belonging to the recruiter.