How to Recruit Using Facebook

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How to Recruit Using Facebook

An ongoing concern of employers – whether small, one-man businesses, or large corporations with dedicated human resource departments – is how to effectively recruit competent human capital. Often, a widely available tool these employers overlook is Facebook. Indeed, social media in general is a powerful recruitment tool that most employers do not know how to fully utilize. Employers with more awareness of the benefits of social media invest some energy into understanding how to recruit using Facebook. The best part of this process is the fact that using Facebook to recruit employees is both cost-effective and time-saving.

Creating a Company Facebook Page

Companies seeking to establish their brands must fully utilize the opportunity created by this thriving social tool to further spread the message of their brand. One way of doing this is by opening a company Facebook page with constant updates regarding news from the company, including any available jobs. A significant percentage of the world’s competent workforce have profiles on Facebook. Most of them are often looking for new career opportunities and constantly go through the information on the Facebook pages of various organizations with the intention of finding one that suits them. Posting updates regarding available jobs on both the company’s Facebook page, and as little advertisement blurbs that show up in the stream of the general Facebook community, will help publicize the job openings. People who know others who qualify for the advertised positions will forward the link to the information to them, further spreading the message about the job openings.

Creating a company Facebook page is very simple and can be accomplished in the following steps:

1. Sign up for a Facebook business account. Select any of the various options that apply to your company, ranging from the specific category to the location of your business. Once you have all of your information in place, you can choose from a variety of page templates.

2. Upload you company logo and add content to your page, including basic information about your company. Add interesting articles pictures, videos, slideshows and other things that will engage the interest of your visitors.

3. Create a separate careers page within your company Facebook page

4. Publish your page

5. Publicize by asking employees, friends, family, acquaintances and other people to like your page, and through active advertising. It takes 25 “likes” to be able to claim a unique link to your company page, so go for it and get those “likes”!

Create a Career Page on Facebook

While the tactic mentioned above will work very well for small companies, large companies looking for how to recruit using Facebook should create dedicated career sections. This is necessary because the human capital needs of such companies are often huge and cannot be served effectively through Facebook updates about individual job openings. Having a dedicated career section also gives job seekers a reason to actively visit a company’s Facebook page. With time, the company can grow a dedicated base of loyal Facebook “friends” who understand that the company often has useful career information on their Facebook page.

Be Interactive

Engaging prospective employees through things like quizzes and other competitions initiated by the company will also give those looking for jobs a sense of community. By nurturing this sense of community, the company will also make them feel like they have a say in the activities of the company. Companies should provide interesting insight into the company on their Facebook pages, letting prospective employees understand how working for any particular company would be to their benefit. They can post little nuggets of quotes from satisfied employees about their experience working for the company in question. Companies looking for information on how to recruit using Facebook should understand that it is a long-term investment that requires some strategic positioning in order to stand out from the other companies with Facebook pages.