Want to Improve Customer Service? Treat Your Employees Better

Want to improve your company’s customer service? Focus on treating your employees like you would a customer:

Companies with exemplary customer service understand that delivering a superior experience for consumers drives loyalty and improves top and bottom line results. There is no secret sauce, but there are some commonalities. Customer service standouts tend to have extensive employee training and talent management programs. They also tend to treat workers well by giving them incentives, robust career development paths and other benefits.

To do customer service well requires investment, observers say, while also acknowledging that, in an era of budget cuts and downsizing, it is an investment not every company can afford to make. For those firms, there are lower cost ways to enhance service such as focusing on hiring and staffing policies around customer service; improving the execution of a social media strategy, and adopting human resource policies to make sure employees are satisfied in their jobs and convey that satisfaction to customers.

via Want to Improve Customer Service? Treat Your Employees Better – Knowledge@Wharton.