The Future of Hiring: Human Resources, Without the Humans

Is the future of hiring a computer model? There are several companies in the call center space that attempt to utilize a simulation based approach to hiring giving the employer a taste of how the employee will act in real world situations and, just as importantly, giving the employee a chance to see the realities of the job.

Imagine a scenario where your next job interview isn’t face-to-face, but face-to-screen. There are no questions about your former work experience and office habits. There’s simply a computer game. If you win, you get the job. If you lose, game over.

They’re called “employment simulations,” and they’re gaining popularity among high-tech firms that are seeking data from prospective employees that you can’t get from sit-down interviews.

Today’s hiring technologies go way beyond basic online personality assessments or the use of business intelligence solutions to mine information from a resume database. In a typical employment simulation, candidates participate in online “video games” that leverage simulation software to determine how well candidates perform in actual job situations. In some cases, these simulations take the form of virtual contests featuring open enrollments and winner-take-all access to vocational opportunities.

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