Social Recruiting: 5 Key Strategies to Drive Social Recruiting

Jobvite, the social recruiting software company, recently released its “Essential Guide to Developing a Social Recruiting Strategy“. In the paper, they detailed five key tactics companies can use to drive their social recruiting programs:

1. Define your voice and company culture: You want your voice and culture to remain consistent across all aspects of your business. Your target audience is prospective employees rather than prospective customers, but you are still advertising your company. Whether your corporate culture is established and professional or young and innovative, you want this image to be conveyed in every interaction you have with prospective employees.

2. Involve employees: Current employees are an invaluable resource in any social recruiting strategy. A single employee can have hundreds of connections across his or her social networks. Marry your social recruiting strategy with your employee referral program; and you can open up an exponentially larger pool of candidates from which to draw.

3. Be conscious in your content choices: Job seekers are a niche audience seeking different information about your company.  The content you provide on your social media channels targeting prospective job seekers should focus more on the culture of your company and what it’s like to work there, rather than on your products or services.

4. Measure, Measure, MEASURE! The value of a social recruiting strategy is vastly reduced if you aren’t constantly monitoring your strategy’s effectiveness at achieving your stated goals. Take note of the top sources for applicants, quality candidates, and hires. Track your hire conversion rate by source, the highest performing recruitment-marketing campaigns, and the sources of traffic to your career site. If Facebook seems to be noticeably outperforming LinkedIn in directing job seekers your way, reallocate resources to the network that produces the higher return on investment. A successful social recruiting strategy involves a constant process of evaluation and re-tooling.

5. Patience: A social recruiting strategy is not an overnight miracle cure for all of your hiring woes. Instead, a social recruiting strategy is an investment that you make in your company that will generate progressive but substantial returns.

via Structuring a Successful Social Recruiting Strategy – Human Capital Institute.

  • Lizzie Bluestein


    Thanks for providing such good tips for companies building their social recruitment strategy. I especially like the idea of getting employees involved in the process, and integrating that with the company’s employee referral program. Identified has a webinar recording available for anyone who is interested in learning more about how companies can get more employee referrals with Facebook recruitment (including how to get employees involved), register to watch this webinar here:

    Lizzie Bluestein, Sales and Marketing Coordinator @ Identified